Romantic Love Story By Vicky Bon “Our first kiss was under a grape tree”

I met him in 2014, and on that evening we first met he said to me.
“I want to marry you “. I raised my eyes and looked at him firmly in the eyes. A smile curled my mouth as my eyes closed on a wave of a sharp tickle. “how can you marry someone you don’t know? ” I asked. I felt his arms wrapped around me, he was staring directly into my eyes like he was searching for something. I was shy, so I kissed him, I kissed him really deep and pushed him gently off. ” you are my wife, and I am going to marry you.” He whispered to my ears. His eyes were heavy, mysterious, luminous with passion as he turned his face up to mind, an enchantress, powerful, strong, and irresistible.
I went home that night thinking of the deep kiss I had with this guy. I had forgotten his name, my uncle only sent me on an errand to him and friends. And when I delivered my message, I didn’t tell him I kissed someone. I still smelled his perfume after that night. And then he called me after few days, he wanted me to visit him. But I didn’t.
I thought he wanted to jilt me and runway, so I stopped picking his calls. But after one year, he called again this time, I didn’t have his number. “hello it’s me. The guy you once kissed under the grape tree. ” he didn’t need to give more explanations. My heart skipped, of course he was the only guy I had kissed under that grape tree. I could hear him breathe really hard, I felt the heat of his breath, at that moment, the Smell of his perfume ran back into my nose. “I will like to see you again. I lost your number, I had to call your uncle to get it back.” he said. We dated for four months and then I got engaged. My engagement story, is a story for another day. I bought my own engagement ring, unknown to me that it was going to be mine. he scammed me, though it was a romantic scam. My engagement is going to be everly memorable.
Our second date, was the beginning of our forever love story. That afternoon, very slowly he lifted his gaze from my mouth to my eyes. It was like gazing into deep waters, so cool that they made my body tremble as though I had touched eyes, and so hot as though my bones were going to melt. We now pray together, we now have a bond that is firmly inseparable. We’ve talked to God over and over again, he listened and blessed us. We are ready to walk down the aisle to make our vows before God and our parents. Celebrate love….

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