Watch how you can actually plan a wedding with your little budget

“Cut your coat according to your size, have the wedding you can afford!” Practical Wedding Budget Tips on ‘Get Wedding Ready with Wura Manola’ | WATCH!

WEDDING BUDGET THUMBNAIL2We’ve been enjoying ‘Get Wedding Ready’ with UK-based Nigerian event planner Wura Manola. We love her down-to-earth tone and examples.

She’s back with a brand new vlog, this one is about ‘How to Create your Wedding Budget: Quick and Easy Guide + Tips to Save you Money!’ This week she gives a step-by-step guide on how to create a wedding budget using Microsoft apps. She also shares tips on how to stay within your budget and ultimately save money!


  1. Cut your coat according to your size, have the wedding you can afford
  2. Include every single item you will need on your budget, try not to omit anything important as this might cost you in the end
  3. Learn how to say no, it’s more of a want than a need
  4. Close your eyes to the things you don’t need, don’t open shopping browsers when you don’t need anything, don’t go into shops when you don’t need to purchase anything
  5. Do not base your wedding budget on money you cannot see AKA ‘promised money’ this might come in but you rather be safe than sorry.

She also has tips on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project – have columns for your items, estimated costs, actual costs, tracker and notes.

It’s a Must-Watch for Anyone Getting Married!

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