Beauty: 6 Ways To Pull Off Black Lipstick And Look Awesome!


If you are adventurous and love trying new things, then it’s time to pull the black lipstick Look. As funny as it sounds black lipstick can actually come out looking beautiful and sexy. The black lipstick has been around for ages and is here to stay.

Here are few steps to help you pull of the black lipstick with ease;

1. Moisturize your lips; It easy for black lipstick to show dry and chapped lips, so take extra effort to moisturize your lips. Apply a lip scrub (you can use sugar) and then moisturize with lip balm or coconut oil.

2. Don’t Go all Black; You don’t want to look like a character from Vampire diaries, the rest of your make up should be light and nude. Keep it simple and fresh. However, use black eye liner to balance your lips so you don’t look weird, don’t use the cat eye or smoky eye makeup. Remember the fashion rule ‘Play up only one feature at a time’

3. Now Apply it; Line your lips with a black eye pencil to ensure your lipstick doesn’t bleed. Fill in the black lipstick with a lipstick brush, it always comes out nicer that way.

4. Add a second layer; It’s always important to add a second coat of lipstick, this will keep your lipstick from fading. You can add lip gloss for a shining effect.

5. Crossing the T’s and Dotting I’s; As with using all colours of lipstick ensure that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth. Make sure you look in the mirror before giving us that killer smile.

6. Apart from Black; If you feel black is too dramatic and you still want to go with a dark shade you can try other colours like deep plum, burgundy, dark purple or berry colour.

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