We met through a friend and it’s been an amazing experience, Checkout Olajide & Oluwayemisi’s Pre-wedding Photos

#YJ2016! Olajide & Oluwayemisi’s Pre-wedding Photos | Photography By B.lawz Studios


The first time they met, he was so bothered about his trousers. Meanwhile she just couldn’t stop checking him out.

Though they attended the same university, these lovebirds actually never met each other till a mutual friend linked them up post graduation.

Fast-forward to a year and months after, Olajide and Oluwayemisi are set to pledge their vows to one another come November.

Bride-to-be, Yemisi gushes: “You complement and replace everything I’m not. We meet through a friend and it’s been an amazing experience. Ololufe mii, anyanfe mi, eyitemi, my ride or die niccur, we found true love which money can’t buy. You’ve got all I ever wanted in a man so asking me to marry you is one of my greatest achievements. I wouldn’t have chosen any other. You make me complete.”

Check out Yemisi and her yummy American tangerine’s pre-wedding photos below!














Photography: Instagram – @blawz_

Outfit: Instagram – @freshandbuttons

Makeup: Instagram – @mo_dees

Shoes: Instagram – @barryjayshoe

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