Checkout Pre Wedding photos and Love story of Abasiama Udoh and George Robert.

Weddingplus Nigeria presents Pre Wedding photos and Love story of Abasiama Udoh and George Robert.
We met in October 2015, a friend in his office called over the weekend to meet him first thing Monday morning to discuss on a task that he was assigned, so as soon as i clocked into my office the following Monday, I went straight to his office to meet him cos it was urgent. on meeting him, we discussed in-depth on the assignment and by the time we were done, his colleague’s had arrive the office and so we entered a general discussion and some how we agreed and disagreed on some issues, it became interesting that when i wanted to leave they resisted my request but I had to leave anyway since it was still very early. At about 40minutes when I got to my office, my friend called to meet me @ my office this time so i wondered if he was not cleared at our earlier discussion and so I obliged his request and when he came, he told me about a guy in his office that I actually argued with when I was @ his office, that was interested in me and had been asking him a lot of things about me including my phone number that he came to get my consent before giving him my number so I refused strongly cos the last thing I wanted that morning was a guy calling to preach love to me. I got back to my office and he did same. some few hours into the day, I went to meet with my director, on my way back to my office guess who I saw the guy in my friend’s office and in surprise i asked him what he was doing in my office and he replied that he came to get my no. (in my mind wondered how he got to know that I was going to be @ the office corridor @ that time), I’m sure you don’t want to know my reply, somehow he offered to be my personal driver and I kind of became his personal assistant (PA)cos he always wanted me to go with him to almost everywhere and from there he developed into my bestest sweetheart everything happened so fast that I could not resist him.
Join Team Weddingplus Nigeria this December 15th and 18th, 2016 to celebrate with them.
Venue: Tm @Elder Eyo Akpan Udo’s Akpan Compound,
No 40 Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo
Church Wedding @ House of God For All Nations Ministry, #40 Edet Akpan Avenue- Uyo.
Reception @ Eemjm Hotels and Suite, #47 Dominic Utuk Avenue- Uyo.
Colour of the Day…. Mint green, coral and Champagne
Wedding Media (Photography, Video and Pre wedding) by Weddingplus Nigeria.

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