When Begging Becomes a Career By Mrs Umoh Gabriel

When begging becomes a career…
This might be a long read though…

I was chatting with a friend this afternoon and i asked her how her church friend was fairing in the ongoing Weddingplus Nigeria training which started 21st of last month and will be rounding up tomorrow.
She suddenly sighed and told me she didn’t proceed with the registration for her anymore.
I was curios because i knew it was something she had in mind and the opportunity came when she saw the advert on my Facebook timeline.
To my disappointment,she told me the young lady & a mother of one in question wasn’t ready to be independent but preferred begging to survive.

How it all started…
My friend introduced me to this single mom of one about 8 months ago and she said she was a dedicated sister in their church.
She told her a sad story of her life,child and the father of the child.
My friend took pity on her and was solely responsible for her & her child.
Other church members were helping out in one way or the other every time she went to them begging .
She was given clothes, shoes, foodstuffs, accommodation and money.
My friend confided in me that she wants to set her up so she could stop going from one member’s house to another just to beg for herself and her child, but she had limited funds to do so.

Luckily the weddingplus training came up and my friend was ready to pay 24k to register her for the 3 courses which was
makeup/gele training
Sharwama,cake, cocktail & smallchops
Then ankara craft.
All these just to help her start something to support herself rather than living off people’s generosity.

My friend said she called her to her office to discuss it and promised to help her with the needed capital to start up at the end of her training.
After the discussion, the lady left her office with the promise of getting back to her later in the day but surprisingly my friend got a long message of annoyance from her the next day.
The message was forwarded to me and i couldn’t help hiding my shock.

In the message,she expressed her gratitude to my friend for helping her and her daughter for the past few months but also to let her know she feels insulted that my friend could just decide for her to go into small scale business like that when all she wanted is to get her HND and think big for herself.
She added that she is an adult and can think for herself as such if my friend wanted to help her, she should have sponsored her to go for her HND and then allow her to start thinking for herself and her daughter.
She told my friend she only came to her for assistance every now and then just as she went to others,so she shouldn’t make it look like if she stopped helping her and her daughter other church members will not.
According to her, so far she has begged enough to pay her child’s tuition, pay her rent etc and she won’t settle for less out of desperation.
That the God that has helped her to be favored by people since 2014, will do same till she hits it really big.

My friend quickly apologised to her and that ended the story…

This took my mind back to few sundays ago when there was scarcity of fuel.
After queuing up to buy fuel at #200 a litre, i had just #500 left on me and i rushed back to church to pick my kids.
I was really thirsty and decided to buy yoghurt since there was no water around, when this lady i don’t know walked up to me.
She said she didn’t have money to pay her way home after church service so i should help her.
I had just #500 on me and the yoghurt guy was in front of me while my kids were eagerly waiting to have their yoghurt.
I quickly gave the #500 to her and told the yoghurt guy to go.
To my surprise, this lady refused to collect the money and told me “Aunty, if i wanted just #500 i wouldn’t come to you in your jeep. I would have begged the keke people instead, please add something for me..”
I lost my voice for 5seconds out of shock.

Here i was thirsty and willing to part with the last money on me and drive home with my kids disappointed for not having yogurt to lick and this one was claiming pride & right on top of begging?
I just quietly put the money back without saying a word to her.
When she saw i wasn’t ready to say a word to her, she added “ok, bring it na, i will manage..”
I still didn’t say a word to her but just closed my car door and drove away.

Now this leaves me thinking, what has become of some people?
Some prefer begging to doing menial jobs to survive while some beg and then wear the cape of pride & right.
When it happens like this, a lot of people just prefer not to help at all because you really don’t know the genuine beggar or one that is begging out of laziness to work.

Everyday i see some able bodied youths go about with different stories just to beg, i just shake my head and pray for the spirit of discernment to know the right ones to help so i don’t give my money to an undeserving human being.
I even see some of them in Abuja wearing expensive suit and hanging around some hotels mostly patronised by the senators and i worry for such a wasted life.
Who is doing them please?

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