Unique Aso Oke Combinations For 2017

Aso oke is one of the special attires worn mostly by the Yorubas during special occasions like weddings, birthdays, chieftaincy coronation, burial ceremony. Other tribes have also embraced wearing the aso oke which shows how beautiful this material is.

In 2016, we saw different beautiful aso oke attires and of course colour combinations on social media platforms especially Instagram.

2017 is here and we have the following unique aso oke colour combination for traditional weddings and every other person that wants to look beautiful for that owambe party. 


This is a beautiful colour that most brides go for because it is safe and suits all skin shades. This colour can never go out of vogue.

Gold which signifies extravagance, wealth, riches, luxury, excess, generous, compassion, love, power, justice and strength. The colour goes along with silver, white, red, burgundy, and wine.


All White

Recently, we have seen bride and groom wear all white on their traditional wedding day and they turned out to look unique, outstanding, regal and beautiful. White, we all know stands for purity, innocence, sincerity and completeness.

So if you are an intending bride and really want to look cool and classy, white is the best colour to go for. This colour suits all shades of skin and remember you can never go wrong with this colour combination.


Royal Blue & Red

Royal blue is a rich and beautiful colour that is very bold in a subtle way. Red on the other hand is a sharp colour that always comes out beautiful.

This colour combination is for those that want something flashy and bold on their big day. This colour is a beautiful combination for any bride to wear.


Turquoise Blue

In 2016, we saw different shades of blue used as aso ebi and the couple outfit. In 2017, we will be seeing more of blue but this turquoise blue is the colour to go for. Turquoise can be worn as a monochrome  with silver, baby pink, orange, yellow, butter, grey.

Turquoise blue depicts serenity, calmness, joy, wholeness, good luck e.t.c. If you ae looking for a very nice shade of blue, just go for turquoise.



One of the most beautiful wedding colour of all time. Purple which means royalty, power, dignity, ambition, nobility, wealth.

The colour can be easily paired with lilac, red, yellow and more.



Peach & Cream

This is a colour that can’t go out of fashion. Year in year out we see different brides use it as their outfit colour. The colour peach is a sweet and sophisticated, pair it with the ever classic cream for a combination that’s fresh, modern, and gloriously memorable outfit.



Like the saying goes “green with envy”. Green is a colour that brings life to any outfit, it is vibrant, beautiful and makes you glow. The truth is that there are different shades of green. Depending on the one you choose to use. You can mix green with gold, peach. You can even mix army green and mint green.

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