8 New High-Tech Wedding Ideas You Can Use Right Now

8 New High-Tech Wedding Ideas You Can Use Right Now

8 New High-Tech Wedding Ideas You Can Use Right Now
By Ivy Jacobson

Love , but not quite ready to use a driverless car to get to your reception, or have a light projection wedding cake? We rounded up eight of the coolest trends to try right now to add a techie touch to your wedding.

1. A robot bartender to pour drinks for your guests.
One of them is a satellite bar, which is another bar option to display your signature cocktail while the main bar serves all the other essentials. Want to up the wow factor? Let a robot bartender simultaneously serve and entertain your guests on a satellite bar during the wedding or at your after-party to keep the celebration going, long after the human bartenders have left. Some companies’ robot bartenders (which you can buy or rent) look more like Keurigs, while others have robotic-looking “hands” and “arms” that serve a variety of classic cocktails. We also love the idea of putting one on your registry, like this model, so you can make your signature sip and other favorites at home.

2. A 360-degree live stream so your loved ones who couldn’t make it can feel like they’re there.
We know that the concept of live-streaming isn’t the newest tech trend, with Snapchat, Periscope, FaceTime, robots with iPads and more video options able to show your nuptials in real time to loved ones not in attendance. But ever since Facebook and YouTube launched their 360-degree video capabilities, lots of couples are starting to look for a 360-degree video live stream experience so their friends and family members who can’t be there can see every inch of the ceremony. Videographers and production companies that can support the combination of 360-degree video and live-streaming are taking note, like
, a live 360-degree wedding video service. And once it’s more widely accessible, we think that virtual reality is the logical next step to up the live wedding video factor.

3. Hologram selfie booths to up your Instagram game.
Don’t get us wrong—photo booths aren’t going anywhere. And we don’t want them to! Photo booths have been a mainstay at wed’dings for a long time, and they’re always a reliably fun activity for you and your guests to create memories (especially if you have a bunch of hats, accessories and silly mustaches on hand). But if you want to take a cue from music festivals for the past few years, holograms have been on the rise in making performances even more notable. Make the concept your own by renting one of holographic technology company ‘s newest concepts, The HOLLAGRAM Selfie, a new augmented-reality, interactive photo booth. Guests can create actual holographic doubles they can see live right before their eyes, and interact directly with holographic objects, like a celebrity, product or any other object by moving their hands in front of the display. You can let your imagination run wild with personalization possibilities.

4. 3-D printing with new materials like metal for awesome, make-them-yourself favors.
If you didn’t know that the 3-D printing trend now encompasses more than just paper, plastic and edible materials (yep,
is seriously awesome), get super-excited. 3-D printing companies like now offer all kinds of metal materials that would make for unforgettable favors. How cool would it be to have customized key chains, cuff links and jewelry made made right in front of your guests’ eyes? The options are becoming endless.
5. Snazzy custom Geotargeted Snapchat filters for a social-friendly affair.
For couples who are encouraging social media at their wedding, we think having a custom Geotargeted filter for your ceremony and reception is an absolute must. Why? Most people are going to Snap at your reception anyway (since it’s going to be insanely awesome), so you might as well up your event’s personalization factor even more. And it won’t cost you much either—pricing starts at $5 and goes up depending on a few factors. To create your own personal Geofilter, follow Snapchat’s guidelines to design the filter, specify your geofence, and the date and time period of your wedding. Snapchat will then need to approve your submission, which takes one business day. If your graphic design skills are lacking, use one of its existing wedding templates—they’re super-cute.

6. This app that’ll make your hand cramp way less from writing thank-you cards.
We know how much fun it was to register for your gorgeous new bedding and china sets, but when it comes to penning thank-you cards for every last piece, you and your partner may be a little intimidated by the sheer amount of thank-yous, and your handwriting after penning only five of them may start to suffer (think about it—when’s the last time you wrote this much by hand?). Enter , a genius app that won’t make your hands cramp up at all. All you have to do is select a beautiful letterpress card (they come in a variety of designs), type your message and the address, and one of Punkpost’s talented artists—yes, a human scriptist, no fonts or robots here—will handwrite it for you and drop it in the mail within 24 hours. You can even choose the handwriting style you want and view the cards before they go in the mail. For $6 a card with postage included, your hands won’t hurt and your handwriting won’t get sloppy as a result—just think of it like you’re sending texts to 200 of your loved ones.

7. Being able to take raw video footage from social media and turn it into a memorable video.
Before we go any further, we’ve got to say this: Videographers are one of our must-have wedding pros—period. Not only do they capture each beautiful, important moment of your day, but they do it in a way where every edit, musical choice and other audio flows together seamlessly to have a priceless memory of your wedding. That said, in this evolving digital age, there are tons of other wedding video footage that your guests will capture on their phones and electronics too. Let’s face it—you totally want to see the results from the best man’s GoPro he strapped to his head during the garter toss, and your bridesmaid’s Snap stories when you were busy getting your hair and makeup done. Companies like take all your raw footage—no matter what type of device or platform it came from—and turn it into one cohesive video that’s a fun accompaniment to your videographer’s. (You can even see if that’s something your videographer is willing to take on too.) They even have a custom landing page for guests to upload footage and use their software to search the Internet for hashtags associated with the wedding and incorporate those clips as well.

8. Hoping for cash instead of gifts? Use Tendr, a personalized cash registry website that makes asking for money classy.

We get it: Sometimes, all you want is money for a wedding gift, especially if you and your partner have been living together for a long time and have everything you need, or you’re super-close to being able to put a down payment on a home. But even though we get it, asking for money as a gift does take some finessing and being mindful of etiquette rules. While we always think having a traditional registry with at least a few options is necessary for your guests who want to give a tangible gift, we also know that cash is sometimes preferred—and we approve of
, an elegant, classy cash registry website where you can customize your page with a note to your guests detailing what their money will go toward. They can even send a digital card along with it to personalize the gift more on their end—just make sure you still send them a handwritten thank-you note

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