How Division Of Household Chores Can Help Sustain Your Marriage

It is no secret that the secret of a perfect marriage remains a secret. Couples should not even aim for a ‘perfect’ marriage as that would be highly impossible. What couples should strive for is a ‘successful’ marriage filled with love, mutual respect and empathy. This is why there is a need for both the husband and the wife to come to a round table and discuss how best to sustain their marriage for as long as humanly possible.

wedding couple sweeping

Numerous studies have shown that household chores division has always been an issue in Nigerian homes. The reason for this has been traced to the socio-cultural and religious beliefs of Nigerians. Most Nigerian customs and religion have already assigned the entirety of household chores to the female gender. This system worked years before the advent of civilization and Western education.

Can you guess why?

It worked then because the men were the only ones going out to work and the women were mostly at home attending to the household chores. But things have changed now. Women have a strong presence in the work force today. There is virtually no organization in the country that has no woman on payroll.

This, among many other reasons is why the formula for the division of household chores among couples must change with the time.

There is really no standard method of sharing household chores. At times, the division might be based on the capability of the couple to perform assigned tasks. Let me share with you a sharing model that might work for you and your spouse. This week I will discuss cleaning and cooking household chores.

Please note: [This article is highly opinionated and does not consider couples with children or house helps]


Woman sweeping the compound

At times, the wife might be in the best position to handle sweeping of the house and the environment. However, this depends largely on the wife’s home upbringing or flair for the task.

Some have argued that the husband is the best candidate for the role based on the energy and back exercising required in executing this task.

If your wife is the fragile type or is allergic to dust, please take up the sweeping task from her so as to avoid health risks that may arise from her sweeping.

Well, let’s be honest, not all houses employ the use of brooms in sweeping. You might have a vacuum cleaner and anyone can take up the ‘simple’ task of cleaning.


African man cooking

Contrary to popular belief, the woman is not always the master chef in the kitchen. In fact there are numerous household where the husband is the better cook.

Cooking, in my own perspective, is a fun activity. I don’t even consider it a task or role. It should be something both the husband and the wife enjoy doing ‘together’. Nothing stops them both from cooking in the same kitchen. For a typical Monday morning breakfast, the husband can handle slicing and cooking or frying the yam while the wife fries the pepper and prepares tea.

This idealistic model might not work for every home… Especially when either the husband or the wife is a ‘really terrible’ cook. In this case, the better cook should handle the cooking while the other handles dishing and serving of the meal.

You will be surprised that something as inconsequential as sharing of household chores might be the spark that ignites the flame in your relationship.

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