5 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Has your partner recently been exhibiting some ‘sneaky’ behaviour? Are you getting all worked up because you have doubts as to whether or not he or she is faithful?
Worry no more, read on for five sure* signs your partner is ‘playing the field.’

1. His/Her Phone is Suddenly Off-Limits
This is one of the easiest signs to catch. All of a sudden, your partner is extra ‘jumpy’ when you need to get a number from (or do anything else for that matter with) his/her phone, they hold on to it for dear life, and/or there’s an unexpected password change.

2. He/She Seems Uncomfortable Around You in Public
All of a sudden going out with you in public is a ‘no no,’ maybe because he/she does not want people to see both together? (In this case, you may even be the side chick/dude)

3. He/She Frequently Picks Fight With You
Your partner quickly flairs up at the slightest disagreement. Typically, for a cheating partner, a fight is the perfect excuse to shift blame and keep cheating.

4. Sudden Late Nights
Your partner suddenly starts keeping late nights and has a ‘mysterious’ project he or she is always working on. Strangely, you’d never heard about this project before. Hmmmm…suspect

5. He/She Suddenly Needs Privacy ALL the Time
Everyone needs privacy, but if suddenly, he/she is on a privacy crusade for no apparent reason and ALWAYS wants ‘alone’ time, it may be time to start investigating.

* Disclaimer:
We are assuming here that you are rational and don’t go ‘snooping’ through your partner’s phone(s) and/or invading their space constantly; if this sounds like you there may be a bigger problem, we have two guesses;

a) For some reason, you are really insecure about your relationship, and there are trust issues (sometimes due to your partner’s past transgressions, you’re better than that)
b) You’re a tad bit ‘….cray cray’

But hey, we’re not mental health professionals, like with all guides apply common sense when using any of the tips above. Good luck!

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