5 Most Trending Nigerian Traditional Wedding Colors In 2017

There are several colors used in today’s wedding and since we only have two main seasons, we are not limited to using our primary colors too. But lately, there’s being a massive curve towards certain wedding colors and we have been able to put the top Five Nigerian wedding colors that are trending in most weddings today. What colors have you noticed too?


White is massively trending from white gele or scarf to white corals or blouse. Sometimes you do get the bride wearing the whole ensemble of white and it looks absolutely on point. Toyosi had white in everything from her coral beads to her aso-oke. She looks amazing in her attire. Her trad wedding uploading so watch out for more white inspiration.

{via seyiturbo photography}


This color has been on for a while. Some may call it beige others champagne. This is a nude color that can go with ANY color. It is soft and mellow and appropriate to use if your secondary colors are shouting. It always comes nice on any skin tone. This is usually the number one easy color choice for most Nigerian couples.

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Orange is still keeping on. A color so strong, so vibrant and full of life. Orange will continue to trend irrespective.

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This soft color is very nice for all skin type and when you explore the various shades of peach or when added with colors like red or purple, your colors would be screaming joy.

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Amazing color of joy and sunshine. Especially with the birth of spring . This color always finds itself into the heart of many brides.

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