Beauty Tips: 4 ways to apply white eyeliner

This multipurpose white eyeliner is one beauty product every lady should have in her kit

White eyeliner is one versatile beauty product we just can’t get over.

Much like the black eyeliner, the white eyeliner is a multi purpose product that is not limited to the eyes’ waterline alone but works well around every corner of the eye, from the tips of the eyes to the edges.

Anyway, here are 4 ways to apply the white eyeliner.

1. Trace your waterline

Trace your waterline (Pinterest)

White eyeliner makes your eyes appear brighter, more awake and gives it a sexy popping look when traced in your waterline.

Make sure you blend it into the inner corners of your eyes with your finger so it’s not too stark.

2. Hot white smokey eye

Hot smokey eyes (Beauty tip today)

You can create a bit of drama on your black eyeliner by using bold white liner on the crease of your eye. It’s a beautiful look.

3. Eye opening corners

Rihanna wearing the eye opening corners white eyeliner (Marie Claire)

White eyeliner at the tip of your eyes adds some shimmer to your look, making your eyes look brighter and sparkling.

4. Dusted lower liner

Dusted lower liner (Pinterest)

White and black have always been known to go together. Maybe, it’s time we try them just underneath the eye to give our eyes some popping and beauty spark.

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