Interview: Meet the CEO of Carabella Makeovers,A leading beauty and Makeup brand in Nigeria.  

Earlier today our team had an exclusive interview with the CEO of Carabella Makeovers, Mfon Carabella Essien  A leading beauty and Makeup brand in Nigeria.

Here is the Excerpts from the interview with team Weddingplus NG

My given name is Mfon but I am popularly known as Carabella. Carabella means beautiful face in Spanish and my passion is to leave every woman I meet with a beautiful face. Every woman is beautiful and my joy as Carabella, is to make the woman see that, by accentuating her best features using my magic brush with my Midas touch. My friends call me magic fingers, my fans call me #Caramighty but I am simply #Cara#thatetinangirl.

I would describe myself as brilliant in every sense of the word. My mind is brilliant as is my appearance.

I went into makeup artistry because I am driven by creativity. In academia, they say ‘publish or perish”. In my world, it is “creativity or banality”.

Growing up, my parents wanted me to be a scientist like the rest of my family. I did start up studying the sciences until my love for the arts got the better of me.

I am driven by innovation. There is a lot of work yet to be done within the makeup industry. I salute those using our homegrown ingredients for their range of products. I encourage artistes to explore different tools and to look towards makeup standards that are indigenous. Our indigenous makeup styles like black lips and heavily contoured eyes should not be used only for sets. Let us embrace our heritage. Let us cease to measure our standards by western standards of beauty.

Every day, I draw inspiration first and foremost from God, who is the master creator, and from nature. I receive inspiration when I relax and breath in the pristine crystal-clean air in my native Etinan or my husband’s native Itu. I love the outdoors when all is serene. I am rejuvenated by solitude.

I was trained by Eni Lise Balogun who is one of the industry’s best and I am also an alumnus of the prestigious Mac School in Las Vegas, makers of Mac, a frontline product for women of color

I have trained artists like Sinoren who is a household name in Uyo. My protégés and my #teamcarabella continually make me proud and I can look back and say, ‘Yes. I have nurtured the generation next”. I love to share my knowledge therefore I mentor upcoming makeup artistes and entrepreneurs. It is the reason why I kit each of my trainees with a business start-up toolkit as they graduate from Carabella School of Arts.

I will like to give a shout out to the women who support me unconditionally, especially the serendipity crew and my entire Akwa Ibom family who recommend me far and wide. Their recommendations have taken me as far as Dubai and the United States to service satisfied clients.

Thank you, Wedding Plus Ng, for having me as your guest. It has been a pleasure spending time with you.

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