Love birds Erica and Rodney are set  to seal their union after a romantic proposal and pre wedding shoot with an ample view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.And Rodney’s bride to be penned him a love filled note that reads “I feel l so blessed to spend every day with you, my best friend. Deciding what we’re going to eat for dinner each day, watching our favorite movies together, doing chores on a Saturday morning listening to music and crashing on the couch together afterwards to cuddle and talk about life.
You’re my favorite travel partner and the joy I experience discovering new places with you never gets old. You hold my hand when we fly because I hate planes. How you listen without judging and the way you calm me when I’m on 10. That time I told you I had a great day, after a series of not so good days and you told me “I know you did because I prayed for you” reminds me you not only care about my protection in the physical but also the spiritual. The big gestures are appreciated, but it’s really just the sum of all the small things you do that add up to why I love you. Can’t wait until next June to ugly cry all the way down the aisle and become your wife” Below are pictures from their Pre Wedding shoot

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