6 Brushes Every Woman Should Have In Her Make-Up Bag

Even the best make-up can look bad when applied with the wrong brushes.

Most experts will agree that the most important things in your makeup bag are not just your lipstick and foundation, but the tools you use to apply them.

Creating flattering looks do matter but what matters most is application and that’s why you need the right tools.

See 6 must-have brushes for your make-up bag;


beauty blender

Your base make-up will never look as cool as you want it to be if you haven’t tried the beauty blender sponge. This has made it one of the most important tool to have in your make-up bag.


spoolie brush

This brush aids easy comb-through of the brows without missing a single hair. After applying your brow gel, you can use to remove the excess, leaving your brows perfect and natural.



Some foundation are better applied with your fingers but others need a perfect brush to give that flawless finish. It consistently offers amazing results when applying any type of foundation.


contour brush

Contouring is probably one of the most difficult things to do in make-up but with the perfect brush, everything seems a lot easier. The densely packed fibres allow you to blend that dark contour out naturally.


eyeliner brush

Getting your eyes perfectly lined with shaky hands can be such a task. Personally, I get to sweat profusely before getting a zigzag line (yea. i never get it straight). Thanks to the beauty that is the eyeliner brush, I can now draw the winged cat-eye inspired liner.


powder brush

The population of those that apply powder on their faces using the puff has drastically reduced due to the invention of powder brushes. This brush feels plush on the skin and is fantastic for applying finishing powder to the face.




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