If you’ve been attending wedding in Nigeria, you’ll observe that there are people with different categories of funny attitudes.13177223_1227470150606072_153932328259629848_n

Here are 7 Categories Of People You Will Meet At A Nigerian Wedding Ceremony

1. The Attention Seeker

These one have no chill.They are all over the place seeking attention.They will go out and come back hundred times.They just want to be noticed by that guy or lady seating at the back, middle and front, that’s all.

2. Fashion Police

They’re at the wedding to criticize, condemn what people are wearing.They will analyse you from head to toe.Their job is to look for the faults in people’s clothes, make up and shoes..*Ladies are guilty of these especially*.

3. The Picture Freak

This set of people will take picture from the beginning of the wedding to the end.Every one minute they’re taking pics.If it’s not a selfie, they’re begging someone to help them out.

4. The Food Fighter

They’re ready to pick a fight if they’re not served food or drink on time.They would fight anyone who tries to stop them from achieving their goal which is to eat to their satisfaction.

5. Just There For “Item No 7”

By the hungry look on their face you will know them.Most of them will still keep asking for more.They will eat and claim not to have eaten.Some even come with disposable bags to pack food home..*lol*

6. The Quiet Observers

They just sit quietly and observe everything going one.They’re hardly ever noticed as they just remain in one place from the beginning of the ceremony to the end.They’re always Ex of the groom or bride…*They do pray the wedding shouldn’t end well***Choi!*.

7. The Out Of Place Kind Of People

Most of time, these people have no idea who the couple is.They just roam around town every Saturday, looking for anywhere there’s wedding reception and when they find one, the secretly settle in.

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