9 people you should never invite to your wedding

Any bride will tell you weddings are very stressful and like birthdays, they never go 100 percent as planned. From when you are engaged to when you say ‘I DO’, you will be stressed planning the perfect day. Here are nine people to keep off your invitation list if you don’t want that special day to be a certified disaster.


1. Your ex-boyfriend An ‘ex-boyfriend’ should stay as his title describes:

in the past. Especially one that is angry or bitter at your break-up. He may have been your best friend then and now you love him like a brother but you have a new best friend now: your groom. Your wedding day officially marks the beginning of a life with your husband and things from the past should not leech unto your future. A bitter ex-boyfriend will not have any positive thing to give you that day so forget him. Plus, never underestimate how emotional you will be that day or how much the wedding jitters will get you; you might just see his face that day and think it’s a brilliant idea to ditch your groom and hop off and give him a second chance. He can still send you an amazing wedding present and maybe show face at your reception but not during the ceremony, unless you want him to jump right up and act out a movie scene once the Pastor asks of anyone has an objection.

2. That guy you were once “freaky” with The guy you did the most nasty things with or the guy who you first explored everything with, keep him away!

It was fun while it lasted and now you have moved your freakiness to another man. His presence there is just an unneeded reminder of the past and if he looks better in person and is doing better financially, you might start to reminisce and wonder what other areas he is doing better in, if you get my drift.

3. Your friend who hates your significant other She has spent time with your husband and he is extra nice to her, but she won’t budge. Anytime you say one bad thing he does, she jumps straight into ‘I told you so,’ and anytime you say the great things he does, she rolls her eyes and tells you to be suspicious of his behaviour. Heck, even during your bridal shower, she gave you a speech on how it’s never too late to back out and how fast she can get you a divorce lawyer when you come to your senses. Any negative person might bring you down with their infectious bitterness. Also, she might make stab a knife into your husband’s mood with her eye rolls and unenthusiastic sarcastic cheering when you guys kiss. Let her stay at home and follow the wedding via twitter or something.

4. Your close guy/girl friend who your groom/bride doesn’t like Like it or not, men usually know what’s up.

Unless your husband is pathologically jealous, if he points out that he doesn’t feel comfortable with your best guy friend at the wedding, you should probably believe him. Your friend may be like a brother to you and you never want to be romantically involved but you can never know what the friend is thinking. If your friend was there before your husband, he probably knows you more and may think he is a better fit and as wedding day madness sets in, you might think so too and look your husband dead in the eye and say, ‘I take thee *your best guy friend*’ and it all goes downhill from there. By all means, invite him to the reception to boogie down with you but for the sake of peace between you and your husband, he can skip the ceremony.

5. Your relation who refuses to give their blessing Unless this person is your mother or father, do not invite them to any part of the wedding. If it’s your parents, invite them if you must but be sure you don’t let them kill your vibe. Any relation who is negative and basically just waiting for the marriage to fail, is poison at your ceremony. They will be shooting you daggers and might cause a scene over any little thing. When they say clap, they may not clap. When they say stand up, they may sit in defiance. When someone is giving a toast to the couple and everyone’s hands are stretched forth with a wine glass, they may fold their arms stubbornly or worse sip on the wine before the toast. Some may even go as far as push down your wedding cake by ‘accident’. Just no! Don’t invite them. Let them stay at home and keep waiting for your marriage to fail.

6. Any girl (single or married) who has slept with your man Your acrobatics in bed may have gotten your man hooked and that’s why you have won ring but anyone who has slept with him can stay at home an reminisce on the good old days with him. Their presence there is a reminder of all he has done in his past, more accurately, who he has done in his past. And seeing them may even spark residual feelings in him and you know men get more wedding jitters so don’t give your man encouragement to act on them. However, if he had a child before you, it’s courtesy to invite her and the baby they have. It’s courtesy but it’s not a law.

7. That condescending relation aka the relation who always comments on your weight The perfect payback right? But seriously, those relations who barely have what to say to you and end up pointing out your flaws should just avoid the wedding. That day might not go out as planned and you might be stressed, angry, and all other emotions and all they will do is point out all the things that are wrong with your dress, make-up and so on. Feel free to keep them off the list.

8. People you haven’t spoken to in years Unless you like your award reunion with these people to be on your wedding day or you made a pact to not speak in years but still show up at wedding, do not invite them. Speaking on phone, WhatsApp and all other social media is allowed if both of you have been long distance. But if neither of you have not been bothered to call, WhatsApp or even email, then it’s not worth it. She or he can view your wedding pictures on Instagram; they don’t need to be there that day.

9. The “unprofessional” alcoholics You have that one person or people you know who just can’t take their liquor. Every night you go out with them, they drink and start misbehaving and ruin your whole night because you end up babysitting them and leaving early. They will do this on a larger scale on your wedding day. It’s your special day and you should not have to babysit or cringe as you watch them drink and wait for their madness to start. To avoid any mishaps and embarrassing scenarios they could cause, let them stay at home. If you need them there on that day, make sure the waiters give them non-alcoholic drinks only.

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