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    Bridesmaids Duties in Every Wedding –

    The bridesmaid is an integral part of any wedding, on hand to comfort, console, multitask and spread the joy at all bridal events. Whether it’s your first bridesmaid gig or your 50th, here’s a cheat sheet of your to-dos. Offer to help with prewedding tasks. Try to be specific when you volunteer: Instead of just, “What can I do?” say, “Would you like me to help you shop for bridesmaid dresses/stuff invitations/pack for the honeymoon?” Scout out bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry and other wedding accessories. Pay for the entire ensemble. (Break in your shoes before the wedding day—that will minimize slipping, blisters and aching feet.) Help plan, cohost and pay…

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    Romantic Love Story By Vicky Bon “Our first kiss was under a grape tree”

    I met him in 2014, and on that evening we first met he said to me. “I want to marry you “. I raised my eyes and looked at him firmly in the eyes. A smile curled my mouth as my eyes closed on a wave of a sharp tickle. “how can you marry someone you don’t know? ” I asked. I felt his arms wrapped around me, he was staring directly into my eyes like he was searching for something. I was shy, so I kissed him, I kissed him really deep and pushed him gently off. ” you are my wife, and I am going to marry you.”…

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    They Found Joy In Their Favourite Place! Ijeoma & Ikenna Romantic Love Story and Pre Wedding Moments

      Ijeoma and Ikenna met at a wedding while exchanging greetings with a mutual friend, although he had his eyes on her the whole time. The couple had always discussed plans to take their relationship to the next level and in the presence of their most favored companion Ikenna surprised the African lady that had the keys to his heart by proposing after a prayer in Church. ~ Photography by Akintayotimi How We Met From the Groom-to-be, Ikenna I was at a wedding reception with my guys and this African lady walks in, scratch that, she glides in…her curves seem to propel her graceful gait. I instantly tapped one of…

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    Kornelius Proposed to Rachel in the Most Awesome Way

    WOW – this’ll make you want to fall in love! Kornelius Proposed to Rachel in the Most Awesome Way Kornelius and Rachel dated for four years. When he knew she was the One, he put together this epic proposal that took months of planning. It just happened a few days ago, but has been trending because the surprise, the joy and the love is just so infectious. The groom said, “My God. What a wonderful day it’s been for Rachel & I! I love this woman beyond this world. She’s my best friend, and confidant. There’s no doubt God placed her in my life to be my wife & the…

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    Most couples below  have had their pre-wedding shoot quite recently. These couples were show-stoppers during their pre-wedding session because of the distinct way they stood out . The His and Hers  fashion trend is gaining so much force today. While classy e-shoots are still the top choice for most couples, the informal casual and even trad cloths are becoming the norm for ‘Naija’ couples. If you are getting married soon and still thinking of what you and your beau would wear then read on to see some stunning beautiful fashion inspiration for you! Tell us what you think! 1, The Chic Classy For the chic classic couple, a ready –…

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    This is one of those beautiful stories you just want to have a sit down and ‘cuppa’ moment. Trust me! it deserves your full attention. Does stories like this ever exist? This is what we live for isn’t it? True love. Ahhh!! Amen’s and Lizzy’s beautiful love story captured by Damell Photography gives hope that they are definitely  sincere, men of God  out there who would genuinley accept you  and love you for who you are. Her health  challenge was nothing to this relationship. These words  below gave me chills. If this ain’t true love of 1 corinthians 13,  then I don’t know what this is! A big congrats to Lizzy…

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    Pre-Wedding Photos: Tinsel Actress Tomi Odunsi pre wedding pictures with Fitness Expert Seun Fadina

    Talented lovebirds Tomi Odunsi & Seun Fadina pre wedding pictures. The bride is a stage and TV actress, while the groom is a fitness consultant and hosts a fitness segment on Wazobia TV. The groom made this statement during their traditional marriage, welcoming his queen to his family – Here we are today introducing ourselves to the world. I am so thankful and grateful to God who has blessed me with an amazing. Wonderful,unique pretty lady. Better days ahead. I love you my Olori and welcome to the family. Here was his queen’s message – Its been a year and 4 days since he went on his knees…. Here we…

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    CEO of Nemzzy Events and Bridals Calabar, Miss Inem Inwang set to say “YES I DO” Abuja Based Doctor Dr Swag

    The CEO of Nemzzy Events and Bridals Calabar, Miss Inem Inwang set to say “YES I DO” Abuja Based Doctor Dr Swag with the traditional marriage to happen in Etinan, Akwa Ibom State. Date: 28th, July 2016 White wedding is slated to take place in Calabar July 30th, 2016. follow our instagram page for more details about their weddings @WeddingplusNigeria Photo Credit @Dizzneystudios