Choosing Wedding Colors! The Classic and Timeless Colors For Traditional Bridal Look…

When choosing your traditional wedding colors, for aso ebi or engagement outfit. Adopt a Color Strategy – As with all colors, too much purple or fushia pink can backfire. Still, a single color scheme can work if you use enough variation. Pale shades of purple like lavender make a relaxing choice for a bridal look. Pink with a blend of champagne or purple looks amazing. Purple and coral looks beautiful beacause coral pulls from both red and orange, you’ll get the benefits of each color which results in a warm, cozy and cheerful statement. The fiery, pink tones are very romantic — perfect for a bold bride. Coral plays well with neutrals. If you’re feeling bored with an all-white or neutral bridal look, consider perking it up with coral-colored accessories.
Be inspired by this gorgeous combination of  traditional bridal look!

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