Exclusive Wedding Reception dresses Your Can’t Ignore

Reception dresses have become a part of wedding culture, and with good reason. Maybe your dress had to conform to certain requirements to be allowed in the church. Maybe your mom prevailed over you and got to pick your dress. Maybe you even got your dream dress- the one that made all your bridesmaids and even ‘Bae’ wipe a few tears because oh gosh, a princess (or angel, as you please); but now you are ready to slay in a different way. You want eyes popping and mouths in O’s. Okay, maybe it’s not that deep, maybe you just want to ‘scatter’ the dance floor and your first dress won’t let you be great. Enter the reception dress, the one that checks any boxes left unchecked by your first dress.

You can even have a third and a fourth; as long as you can afford it, why not? It’s your day ‘sistuh’. Let’s look at some of the most stunning dresses we’ve seen lately that are sure to inspire you.


Jaws will drop, speech will disappear when you saunter in wearing this red reception dress from Elisha Red Label.

Pic Source: Instagram / @elisha.red.label

This stunning silver creation is by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad and was seen on the red carpet at the Cannes festival. Any bride will be the belle of the ball in this dress. We imagine the train will keep all eyes trained as you waltz in, and then it can be detached when it’s time to get down.

Pic Source: Fustany.com

Still on metallics, this gold dress by Anaz is precious. Doesn’t it remind you of something Queen Ravenna from The Huntsman would wear? A bride is queen on her big day right? Case closed.

Pic Source: Instagram / @anazofficial

We are ready to go over to the dark side with The Midnight Phoenix gown from Walter Collection. How this dress manages to be oh-so-sexy and demure at the same time, we do not know. We just want it for our reception.

Pic Source: Instagram / @waltercollection

This cape dress is for Superwoman. Yes, that’s you. Didn’t you just successfully plan a wedding? This dress says you are majestic, in charge and supremely beautiful.

Pic Source: Instagram / @nissisbridal

Jewel tones make our hearts stop. Andrea Iyamah has our undivided attention with this surreal piece. Is it just us, or does this dress against the teal floor remind you of a water nymph?

Pic Source: Instagram / @andreaiyamah.bridal

Pic Source: Instagram / @andreaiyamah.bridal

Another jewel-toned beauty by Mai Atafo this time. Make like the delectable Adesua Etomi and shine through your reception in this gorgeous bejewelled teal dress.

Pic Source: Instagram / @adesuaetomi

You can wear black at your wedding reception and stun from here to Timbuktu when it looks like this necked number from Anaz again.

Pic Source: Instagram / @anazofficial

Unmatched slayage from Walter Collection with this captivating, form-fitting, gold-accented dress.

Pic Source: Instagram / @waltercollection

This green dress had us buzzing over here. It is stunningly different from everything else and we’re in love.

Pic Source: Instagram / @detailsbyneyomi

The Erato dress by Kosibah was an instant hit and it is obvious why. Wouldn’t you feel like Miss, sorry, Mrs World in this dreamy gown?

Pic Source: Iludio.com

Pic Source: Iludio.com

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