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    How to have maximum fun at Yoruba weddings.

    Are you going to attend a Yoruba wedding party soon? In this double-episode article, we explain how you can enjoy it to the fullest! It is advisable to buy Aso ebi, but even if you don’t, you have to slay down there early. It is quite common knowledge that the people from the southwestern part of Nigeria know how to throw a real party. Of course, there aren’t many things to be celebrated as well as one’s child, friend, sister or brother getting married, so you can expect them to go all out when they throw a wedding soiree. Trust Yorubas to go all out when they are partying If…

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    Be your Own Stylist, Create your style . Ever wonder how some celebrities always manage to look so wow? Remember they weren’t just born that way, they have a stylist thst is doing the majic for them. Create your own style and others will copy you. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter Weddingplus Nigeria Website: www.weddingplus.com.ng