Tips For Selecting The Right Reception Dress

Over the past few years, brides wear one or two reception dress for their big day. This is because the wedding dress is always too formal and could be quite uncomfortable for the reception boogie down!

Wedding designers have made many options from which brides can select from. If you choose it carefully, you may be able to wear the dress for other occasions after your big day.

However, when choosing one, keep the following tips in mind.

1.    Don’t be afraid to try different colours
This is a trend that almost every bride is going for. You can opt for a colour that is close to the theme colour of the day or choose a completely different colour.
However, you should not choose the same colour of dress as your bridesmaids so that you can have the whole spotlight to your pretty self!

2.    You can choose a short dress.
Short dresses are quite comfortable to wear for receptions. So you could decide to choose a short comfortable dress.

3.    You can decide to go for long ones
For brides who love to rock long dresses, yea, you definitely can not just at your wedding but also at your reception!

4.    Infuse your style
While the wedding gown is all about tradition and the fairy tale, the reception dress can be more flirty and fun. Have fun with it.

One of the best things about the reception dress is that it’s a relatively new phenomenon, so there aren’t a lot of rules to get in the way of your creativity.

Photo Credit: Select a Fashion Style

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