velvet_and_more open her fabrics and accessories shop in uyo

For those looking for where to buy quality fabrics and accessories for their traditional marriage and any special occasion, i got goodnews for you as velvet_and_more outlet is now open in uyo.

Here are few pictures taken  during the official opening of the brand.

enjoy and don’t forget to contact them via|

45c Enwe str Uyo Akwaibom|. 📞+234(0)8035510639

velvet_and_more-1464987230629 velvet_and_more-1464987258390 velvet_and_more-1464987289778 velvet_and_more-1464987308694 velvet_and_more-1464987328353 velvet_and_more-1464987349178 velvet_and_more-1464987376070 velvet_and_more-1464987396131 velvet_and_more-1464987414058 velvet_and_more-1464987441223 velvet_and_more-1464987472169 velvet_and_more-1464987500430 velvet_and_more-1464987523960 velvet_and_more-1464987541470 velvet_and_more-1464987562926 velvet_and_more-1464987587517 velvet_and_more-1464987608730 velvet_and_more-1464987644166

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