How long is “too long” to be engaged

In every serious relationship which involves two mature adults, it is normal for both parties to look forward to when they will both finally get married and spend the rest of their lives together. So when the guy finally pops the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ The lady gets so excited and will happily say ‘yes’ to the question. After the proposal, we can now say they are engaged.

For most people, they start planning for the wedding ceremony immediately. Whereas there are some that don’t go into the planning of the wedding quickly, sometimes it takes years.
Now the question is, how long is too long to be engaged?

The truth is, there is no answer to this question because every relationship is unique and different in its way not forgetting that what works for a couple may not work for the next couple.

Some engagements take about a month before marriage. Of late, we have even seen some who decide to get married on the day they got engaged while others wait for months, some years before getting married. It is left for the parties involved to decide how long the engagement will be.

Also, there are real good reasons that lead to long engagement too. The only cause for concern in a case of a long engagement should be when your significant other starts moving the wedding date you both have decided on without a real reason or no serious cause. If this is the situation, it is advisable you both sit down and thrash the issue out.

Whatever the case might be, either short or long engagement both of you must be in understanding.

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