Add Colours to Your Efik Trad With This Beautiful Regalia!

There are several amazing facts about the Efik culture but for now, we want to highlight the beauty of the Efik bride. The elegance in her strides and the royalty her presence exudes. If your Efik trad is around the corner and you want to rep your culture to the fullest, we’ve got you covered. Styled by Pinkberry gorgeously styled this colourful two-piece outfit which serves as the right canvas for traditional ornaments. We can’t ignore the lovely Etenge hairstyle and how it adds a regal touch to this look. A beautiful bridal look requires an equally beautiful glam and Eyo Mimi Glam understood the assignment. The makeup is so alluring and it further elevates the entire look. Everything about this look is absolutely refined and stylish. If you haven’t decided on a look for your big day, then you should totally check this out. See the photos below and share your thoughts with us. Credits Belle @pinkberry991_ Makeup @eyo.mimi_glam Stylist @styledbypinkberry991_ Photography @akay.king Outfit @eyo.mimi_glam

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