Find out what happens from the minute you get your ring to the day you walk down the aisle.

A lot of ladies wait impatiently for the day they hear those four magic words; “Will you marry me?” accompanied by an engagement ring.

Once that moment comes, time stands still as they can not believe the moment they have waited for all their lives is finally here.

However, once the mist clears, there are often a million and one things going through their minds and it can be overwhelming.

In order to deal with this, follow the rules below.

1. Make your announcement- This is your time so, pick your phone and tell your loved ones.

2. Set a date.

3. Start planning.

4. Choose your venues.

5. Book your vendors, these include photographers, caterers, MUAs, hair stylists, and so on.

6. Pick your bridesmaids and let them early what it involves.

7. Buy your gown.

8. Start inviting people.

9. Try to take care of yourself during all these- Sleep well, exercise and eat healthy.

10. Go for marriage counselling- It is easy to forget the actual marriage while focusing on the wedding, but you have to remember that it is the marriage that matters.

11. Find time to have fun with your friends for the last time as a spinster(bridal shower, bachelorette)

12. The big day is here, you get to spend the rest of your life with this person, so walk down that aisle and enjoy the moment. Congrats.

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