It’s not strange to have actresses befriend one another—it’s a given. Some, who are best friends, are seen attending high-profile events together and making headlines with their activities—good or bad. But not Nollywood most sought-after actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie.  She does not have friends in the industry. Married to businessman, OdianosenOkojie, she reveals why her husband remains her only friend:


“I don’t have friends at all and Odi is my best friend. We have acquaintances but no close friends. As a policy, I never lie to my husband and that is why I can’t hide anything from him,” she said.

According to the actress, an incident that happened shortly before their marriage in 2011 made her realise she had no friend.

She shed more light: “It was a test of the strength of my love for Odi. Then, I did not lose any friends because I never really had any. I got to understand the mindset of people who believe it is hard for you to be happy for someone when you don’t have what they have. They criticise what you have, yet they pray everyday for it. It taught me to always think of myself first because people will always have opinions.”

For Odi, the husband of the ‘Baby Oku’ star, their meeting was love at first sight.

mercy 3


He said, “Yes, it was. I realised in no time that she is homely and everyone who comes in contact with her just loves her. Right from the very first time day I met her, I already knew she was going to be my wife. I am very reserved and my instincts never fail me. She is a fantastic role interpreter as well.”

Meanwhile, Mercy fell in love with his amiable personality. She recalled:  “I love his personality and I am in love with everything about him. A few months after we met, I loved everything he stood for as man and he was different from everything I am used to. I began looking forward to seeing him.”

Even after three children, the marriage which was solemnised on August 27, 2011, still waxes strong. Little wonder Mercy said, “When I compare my life prior to meeting him, I just wake up in the morning, peck him and say thank you and he may not understand why.  I might have made a lot of errors if I hadn’t met him.”

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